Curriculum - Inclusive Education

All students are valued as learners at Northern Christian School. As a school we have an obligation to provide an environment where all students can participate in the Australian Curriculum with the same opportunities as their peers. We achieve this for every student based on quality learning programs that cater for individual achievement and progress. We strive to enable students to learn successfully in an inclusive community.

We welcome connection with external agencies and professionals involved in the support of students outside of the school environment. We currently work with Speech Therapists, UTAS, St Giles, ECIS and Occupational Therapists and Integrated Family Support Services, psychologists and counsellors.

Every learner should have clear learning intentions and be involved in challenging and purposeful education that is accessible for all. Parents play a part in determining learning goals for their child. 

Learning goals may be achieved by differentiation, adjustments or individual learning plans. The classroom teachers, Learning Coordinator, specialist teachers and support staff work closely together to deliver programs that are tailored to each child. Delivery may be through

• Whole class

• Small group

• One-to-one

• Same readiness, interests or learning profile

• Mixed readiness, interest or learning profile

• Teacher-selected grouping or student-chosen

• Face-to-face, digital, creative or online 

Continual Assessment sees programs that meet the needs of the learners through a process guided by the following steps:

• Pre-assessment

• Ongoing assessment (formative)

• Final assessment (summative)

• Teacher makes adjustments based on assessment information

• Flexibility in teaching and learning based on assessment


Building Community is a strategy that assists in providing a successful learning environment and involves working towards understandings of the following:

• Safety, support, acceptance

• Students helping one another, treating each other with respect and sharing in each other’s success

• Everyone is important and valued

• Students understand differentiation and accept that not everyone will learn the same thing at the same time or in the same way.


Transition between the grades is supported by orientation programs tailored to individual needs. Staff are educated about the needs of all students during November-December meetings so that support is by a team approach. Orientation Days for Kinder-Prep are held on Thursdays in November