Our School - Our Pedagogy

A common, consistent and evidence-based approach to teaching and learning is vital to ensuring that the learning outcomes for all students are maximised. This pedagogical belief reflects Northern Christian School’s overview of the beliefs, principles and practices that provide just such an approach to teaching and learning. The school’s pedagogical approach allows us to live out our vision of being a school that is "encouraging, enriching and equipping”.

Northern Christian School's students are encouraged to strive in all areas of life. Northern Christian School equips all students with values, attitudes and skills to learn. Our school aims to enrich the lives of every student, their family and the wider community. We partner with parents in preparing every child to learn to responsibly participate in the twenty-first century.

Northern Christian School has synthesised research-based educational theories and practices into an effective approach that is responsive to the learning needs of our students. Our school uses a range of processes to support our pedagogical framework, particularly in relation to curriculum planning, design and delivery.

All staff are involved in regular studies through the National Institute of Christian Education and the Transformation by Design framework is followed.

Planning starts the previous year when staff meet to discuss their upcoming class needs, interests and achievements. Records are kept and exchanged, and the scope and sequence is then reflected upon. The unit planning template used by teachers ensures that all curriculum planning and student data is aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Northern Christian School ensures that relevant student data is used to differentiate learning in order to support all students in achieving these goals. A range of resources is used to continually gather data to direct the learning sequences of all students in the core areas which also feed into all other key learning areas. Both standardised and non-standardised assessment is used to guide teaching and learning. Classroom and subject teachers use and monitor ongoing formative assessment for their individual classes. Standardised Assessment is completed by all students throughout their years at Northern Christian School. This includes NAPLAN and PIPS. All students are involved in ACER’s Progressive Achievement Test annually in November. This records and monitors achievement over a twelve month period in Mathematics, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Spelling. Whole school specialised focuses are derived from this information which then sees students working at their individual level.

Northern Christian School’s pedagogy provides our school community with a clear and united way to continue working together to build the professional capital of our teachers and improve the learning experiences and outcomes of our students.