Our School - Staff


The dedicated staff at Northern Christian School can be contacted through the School Office

In 2017

Principal- Mrs Petrina Essex

Admin/Office- Mrs Laura Gordon and Mrs Linda Rowlings

Kinder- Mr S. Whittle

Prep- Mrs A. Bitt

Year 1- Mr L. Lamont

Year 2- Miss B. Armstrong

Year 3- Miss T.Johns

Year 4- Mr W. Davis

Year 5/6- Mr D. Prentice

Librarian/ Office- Mrs L. Rowlings

PE- Mr S. Whittle

French- Mrs K. Prentice

IT- Mr S. Whittle

Music- Miss A. Marks

Teacher Aides:

Mrs J. Edler

Mrs J. Johns

Mrs M. Dean

Mrs R. Meehan

Mrs V. Pattison

Mrs C. Reader

Groundsman/ Bus:

Mr R. Brown

Mr D. Welsh