Policies - Attendance and Absenteeism Policy

The Principal is responsible for ensuring that a complete record of attendance is maintained in SEQTA throughout the school day for each enrolled student.

The Principal must ensure that all attendance data is entered in SEQTA as per the SEQTA attendance categories. The Principal has a duty of care for all students while they are attending at the required times.

The Education Act requires that a parent of a school child must ensure that the child attends school each day as required by the Principal; or participates in an individual educational program; or receives home education; or attends the Academy or TasTAFE each day as required if the child is exempted from the requirement to attend school.

A school-aged child is excused from attendance if the child is prevented from attending because of sickness; or temporary physical or mental incapacity; or any other reasonable cause as approved by the Principal; and a parent of the child has notified the school's Principal. The Principal may require the parent to provide a certificate from a medical practitioner if their child’s non-attendance due to illness extends beyond five days. The Principal may require a student not to attend a school during any day on which the student has an infestation or is suffering from any disease which, on advice from the Director of Public Health, the Secretary considers may be infectious, contagious or harmful to the health of other persons at the school. Aboriginal students may be excused from attendance for up to five days per year in order to participate in cultural events or activities. Additional days may be negotiated with the school and approved by the Principal.

The Principal is responsible for following up unexplained absences for students enrolled at school.